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We know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Tibet Momo’s ultimate mission is to enlighten people’s life to a greater extent where they themselves wouldn’t have imagined.

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Why Tibet Momo Franchise

A revolution in food industry with its secret recipe as the main ingredient of its success story.


Fastest ROI

All our outlets are proof that you will be a successful franchisee if you buy one from us since you can practice the skills from our professional team as you learn to make it grow.

The potential return of investment is one of the most important things you should know about if you own a franchise because it can tell you whether or not the strategies you’re using are working correctly. If you own one of our franchises, you will get up to a 100% return on investment if we follow the same taste everywhere, everytime rule.

Lowest Investment

When it comes to buying our franchise, it’s a good option because it is convenient enough in terms of money. Even though the proposal includes an estimate of how much you may get from investing in a franchise, you should remember that Authenticity matters before making any money.

It takes time and effort to succeed in the business world, which is why you should be choosing us and take advantage of this great opportunity to succeed quickly.

Strong SOP

Our passionate team found a very successful and scalable brand across the globe . The Only secret formula is the same taste everywhere everytime.

So we have crafted and implemented world class Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with which any one can run the menu with just 2-3 days of training by the Tibet Momo Professionals.

Excellent Sales Support

Tibet Momo Team offers extensive training and marketing support to nurture all of its franchise branches. From setting up your ambience to training your staff regarding sales communication, you will get assistance from us.

As a partner, we see our success in your growth. We are super excited to add franchise partners to our business network.


What are you waiting for?

Be a part of India’s biggest F&B brand

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